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PSG interested in loan move for Emmanuel Adebayor

"Sky Sports understands..."

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Some interesting transfer news from a not-always-reliable source this morning. Sky Sports reporter Bryan Swanson tweeted that petrodollar-backed Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain is interested in taking Tottenham Hotspur striker Emmanuel Adebayor on loan for the remainder of the season.

Interesting. Very, very interesting. Let's overlook, for now, the "Sky Sports understands..." part of this rumor, which is always LOL and cause for skepticism. PSG is, of course, richer than God and is one of the few clubs that could actually afford Adebayor's wages. Spurs are probably desperate to get him off the wage bill. If PSG wants to take a flyer on Ade and stick him as a Zlatan substitute, well, go right ahead!

But what's more interesting here is how this might impact our understanding of what happened to the supposed loan deal for Adrien Rabiot. Rabiot, who signed a long term deal with PSG very recently, supposedly had a clause in his contract that allowed him to go on loan, but as we wrote about earlier, the deal apparently fell through after Daniel Levy refused to press the issue and potentially upset PSG.

But what if – and this is pure, unbridled, unsourced speculation – a PSG loan for Adebayor is Daniel Levy forcing the issue? What if a possible six month loan for Ade, whose contract either expires this summer or next summer (nobody's really sure), was PSG's concession for Levy not pushing for Rabiot's loan clause? Perhaps Levy said "OK, fine, we won't push through Rabiot or take you to court, but you gotta give us something in return." It certainly seem to make more sense than PSG actually having a legitimate need for a misfiring, temperamental striker like Emmanuel Adebayor.

Perhaps. This scenario is all very cloak-and-dagger and certainly doesn't pass Occam's Razor, but it's fun to think about. Moreover, this is still a "Sky Sports understands..." rumor and it could be entirely #batcountry. Still, even if we don't get Rabiot on loan, if Levy can finagle a way to get Ade's wages off the bill, which would then free up some cash for someone like Mattia Destro or Danny Ings... well, isn't that still a win?