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Redknapp denies Adebayor Rumors

I suppose there's a first time for everything

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Ever since Emmanuel Adebayor killed a man in Enfield just to watch him die, Spurs have been trying to find a way to get their out of favor striker off of their books. If only Spurs had an ex manager who's entire scouting system was DVDs of games that he had previously managed. Wait, what's that? Redknapp doesn't want Adebayor? F***.

Thanks to an interview with QPR's official you tube channel, we have some quotes from Redknapp regarding his former striker being linked to his current club."He's a good player but I don't see that happening.

"He's an excellent player isn't he? You don't play for Arsenal, Real Madrid, Man City and Tottenham if you are not a good player. But I wouldn't see that happening.

"No [wages not a problem]. I just wouldn't see him leaving Tottenham. Yeah it is an expensive deal, probably. We are looking at loans. I really don't know about that one [Adebayor on loan]."

Uh huh. We know that Harry is a big fan of poor financial decision making. And boy howdy do we know that Tony Fernandes and QPR are less than frugal. Perhaps they just don't think they have a chance with Adebayor, unlike every other Tottenham cast off they've pursued, but I think it's more likely that we have found Harry and QPR's financial limit. Given that Adebayor is on 40 gagillion pounds a week, it would seem we have finally found an ex player that Harry, Tony, and/or Harry's dog can't afford. Oh well. It would seem the quest to find a team willing to eat Adebayor's contract continues. Here's hoping Levy has some compromising photos of higher ups at PSG.