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Mauricio Pochettino says obvious, reasonable things; bored English media twists them to seem unreasonable.

"If I write a headline that makes Pochettino look like a baby, me and Jose will have to be best mates!"-English journalists, probably.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

In the long history of ridiculous, page hit journalism, new lows continue to be hit everyday. Today is, indeed, another landmark achievement in this glorious tradition. When asked if playing in Italy three days before the League Cup final with Chelsea was less than ideal, Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino admitted the obvious.

It is not fair.

At this point the story writes itself. The weaker writers fill out their outline: Pochettino is a whiner, Pochettino is a loser. The stronger writers, knowing that verbs are where a writer butters their bread, break out words like "bemoan". They might even sprinkle in a few contextualized facts. They are the real heroes.

Forget that playing three days earlier in a meaningful competition to our club, while Chelsea have a week of rest, is actually an advantage to Chelsea. That will not change, and there is no use in contemplating why it is existentially wrong. Teams playing in multiple competitions eventually face problems like this. What is truly laugh out loud worthy is that Pochettino actually verbalizes the cliche "it is what it is" within the same interview.

It is not the best situation but this is football. We are not worried about that. We are strong and will make sure that we are ready for the final.

So there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Multiple reasonable and obvious things said by Poche that somehow equate to him being a baby.

I need a drink.