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DiMarzio: Roma reached agreement with Spurs defender Vlad Chiriches

Roma has apparently reached an agreement with Chiriches' agent... but not with the club, and that's a pretty important detail.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Here comes the transfer window again! Our good friend Gianluca DiMarzio is reporting today that AS Roma has reached an agreement with Tottenham defender Vlad Chiriches that would take him to Serie A... but that they haven't yet reached an agreement with the club.

So before this spins out of control and people start weeping/celebrating/whatever, let's first state clearly that an agreement with a player ≠ an agreement with their club. There are no indications yet that Tottenham has any inclination to sell Vlad the Lad; with Kyle Naughton sold to Swansea and DeAndre Yedlin still acclimatizing to life in England, Vlad is at present our backup right back. Could he be sold in the window? Certainly! Does this mean he's going to be sold? Certainly not!

All this indicates is that someone representing Roma has (maybe? possibly?) reached personal terms with Chiriches' agent. These possibly aren't even formal discussions; it could be more of an informal "So hey, if we WERE to buy Vlad, would he play for, say, €X/week?" kind of thing. Roma hasn't made an offer for him with Spurs, and there aren't any indications at this time that they intend to. It does, however, indicate that given the right opportunity Vlad would be amenable to a move. So there's that.

Comedy podcast material aside, a Vlad Chiriches sale at least now appears within the realm of possibility. Spurs purchased Vlad for around £7m and he's now reportedly valued at about £8.2m. If an offer is made in the dying moments of the window, who could blame Levy for pulling the trigger for a small profit? For now, take this rumor with an entire salt mine, but we'll be watching it.