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Spurs deny Lloris is going to Real Madrid

Tottenham shoots down Tabloid rumor

Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's transfer season. You want rumors? You want exclusives? Well have a shot of whiskey and pop a wheelie on your motorcycle while playing a power chord because the Sun doesn't just have an exclusive, they have a MEGA EXCLUSIVE! It's like an exclusive BUT WITH EXPLOSIONS AND GIRLS IN BIKINIS AND HUGO LLORIS GOING TO REAL MADRID FOR £25 MILLION!

Obviously, our first instinct is to write off this as tabloid drivel BUT Hugo is good and since Real Madrid currently employ the shambling corpse of Iker Casillas it's not the craziest rumor in the world. It's frustrating to not know whether this is legitimate or just a lazy journalist selling papers off the back of our history with Real. If only the club would address these rumors. Oh. Wait.

Well this is a pleasant change of pace. Instead of letting this rumor percolate into another round of hysteria, the club is being proactive and nipping the whole thing in the bud. While we shouldn't get too comfortable, we all know that Hugo has a price at which he would be let go, it should be comforting to all Spurs fans that this rumor was met with such a quick and emphatic response. At a bare minimum I would expect this means that nothing is imminent or being discussed seriously.

Now let's leak a story that Hugo was born in Catalonia and thinks Cristiano's boner statue looks really stupid. We'll call it a Turbo Exclusive!