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DeAndre Yedlin photographed in Tottenham training, will wear the no. 12 shirt

He's here you guys! Squeeeeeeee!

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DeAndre Yedlin is a Spur and now there's photographic proof! Tottenham's official twitter account posted photos of Yedders in training today, and announced that he'll wear shirt #12 when he takes the pitch. This is awesome and important because of course it is.


  1. Shirt no. 12.  Makes sense. Yedlin wore shirt no. 2 for Seattle (at times) and with the US Men's National Team, but he can't have that one because that's Kyle Walker's number and he's not Kyle Walker. So 12 it is. Because he's New Kyle Walker.

  2. Buy your own Yedlin No. 12 shirt at the Tottenham Hotspur official shop. Available now! Makes a great post-Christmas gift for the American Spurs fan in your life. (Hint: I accept gifts.)

  3. By the looks of this photo, Yedlin has let his hair game slide significantly. This is not the Rufio we know. I don't see any awesome colors, no shaping, not even a racing stripe. He needs to step it up ASAP if he wants to keep his place on the Tottenham Hotspur Hair Club for Men. Not an auspicious start to your Tottenham hair career, DeAndre. Get on that!