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Kane to delay full England debut to play in the U21 Euros

The senior team can wait: Harry Kane wants to win a trophy with the U21s.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Did you hear that Harry Kane's star is on the rise? It's one of the big secrets in England right now. After a stellar start to life in the Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur it's no longer a matter of if Harry Kane will play for England's senior national team, but when. However, it's looking like Kane will have to wait for his full senior debut until next season after being lined up to play in the England U21 Euro Championships this summer.

This is one of the benefits of being a young, prolific English striker: you have options. While playing for the senior English national team is an honor, the U21s are competing in a real-for-sure tournament this summer while the senior team farts around playing friendlies the summer after the World Cup. Senior manager Roy Hodgson apparently had discussions with U21 boss Gareth Southgate and decided Kane should stay with the U21s through the Euros.

This makes sense, really. When you have a striker of Kane's caliber that can play for the U21s or the senior team, but the senior team isn't really doing anything of massive importance, why not keep him with the youngsters? He'll certainly have a much bigger impact in the Euros than he would in friendlies against Lithuania or whoever.

Kane is a player with buckets of talent and a proven goal-scoring record. If I'm Gareth Southgate, you bet I want Harry Kane leading the line this summer. He'll get international experience, will probably score goals for fun, and could help England make a deep run into the tournament. It's a smart move. Save Kane's full debut for when it actually means something.