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Hoddle of Coffee: Thursday October 15, 2015

Die, international break, die.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Good Thursday, Spursland! Do you, like me, have the international break blues? Well, never fear because those days are coming to an end, and quickly. It'll be nice once we aren't bemoaning the lack of games, but the lack of a backup for Eric Dier, don't you agree?

Which leads me to a thought.

During the last few seasons I had grown a bit more cynical about Spurs and this was the type of situation, Dier's suspension, that would have had me gnashing my teeth. This season I've tried to be more optimistic. At the end of the day, we have no idea what the lineup will look like come Saturday, but there are multiple options we can put out on the pitch come Saturday that give us a real chance at securing the three points. We should be happy about that.

Also, Liverpool aren't our rivals. This is nowhere near the biggest game of the season. Relax those shoulders and lets have some fun.

Now for the "news":

Lloris: We must score more | Squawka

Hugo is not only captain of your Tottenham Hotspur football club, but also the obvious.

Tottenham will have to tussle with Manchester United to sign Ayoze Perez | Express

More like "Bera-who-now", amirite?

Statistics show Tottenham have out run every opponent | London Evening Standard

These stats are probably meaningless unless you read them on a cold, rainy Tuesday in Stoke or someplace like it. That's where the real analysis takes place these days from what I've been reading. In crap weather.

Messi wears pajamas. Luis Suarez buys people pajamas. A match made in heaven | SB Nation Lookit

How is Messi so cool while being such a dork? If I acted like Leo Messi, people would think I'm a childish douche. Yet he pulls it off. And no, I'm not obsessing over it, thank you for asking.