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Delusional Arsenal fans may have something to teach Spurs supporters

Something weird is happening at The Short Fuse today, but perhaps we can learn from it.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

As we all know, Arsenal supporters are some of the most delusional people in world football. According to them, their club is an infallible bastion of footballing purity. No matter what happens on or off the pitch, they'll find a way to shoehorn it into the #narrative of their own moral superiority.

Over at The Short Fuse, SB Nation's Arsenal blog, they're no different. But while these folks obviously aren't too grounded at the best of times--they are Arsenal fans after all--overnight they seem to have been replaced by the most rabidly insane apologists their supporters have to offer.

But perhaps it only seems that way to us because we haven't fallen into the mouth of madness. While a glance through their content would drive a normal football fan insane, to them it's just another day supporting the greatest team the world has ever seen. Perhaps by plummeting down their rabbit hole, we can finally learn to appreciate football properly.

Jack Wilshere - Great Footballer, or Greatest Footballer?

These folks make a pretty convincing case for why the Wheelchaired One is not actually doomed to a lifetime of nicotine-laced disappointment, but is in fact the world's greatest athlete.

Mesut Ozil sees the world in four dimensions

For most of us, tactics are those little mints that rattle around in ladies' purses. But for the more enlightened, they explain the beautiful game in a series of artfully constructed triangles. Mesut Ozil plays football on a higher plane of existence, that only the #blessed can comprehend.

Opening a time capsule from 2004

In the wake of their Invincible season, one prescient Arsenal fan preserved for posterity his predictions for the future. It is chilling how accurate this vision of Arsenal's next decade of success has proven to be.

Arsenal's transfer policy, explained

A graphical breakdown of Arsenal's highly-advanced strategy for retaining its best players. It explains so much we were too foolish to comprehend before.

The world's greatest team rated according to songs from the world's greatest band

Finally, the most visually and aurally pleasing things in the world are united in their proper place. It's hard to argue with how accurately Arsenal fans rate their players.

Dispatches from the frozen north

Arsenal and the USMNT's greatest prospect is adding some new dimensions to his game playing in Scotland's second division. This exclusive interview is a must-read.

Arsenal goals are better than other goals

Not all goals are created equal. Arsenal's goals are elegant crystalline constructions of energy and light, pure distillations of beauty and wonder in football form. For the first time ever, we can learn just how they do it.

While I know many of you may be reluctant to take the plunge into the unknown, I assure you that we can all learn something from our North London neighbors. Check back throughout the day for more and more lessons on how to properly view the beautiful game. Their understanding of football may be different from ours, but it's undisputed that its more sophisticated.