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Eriksen saves Spurs with free kick wizardry: Swansea vs. Spurs: Community Player Ratings

Why, yes, we did remember these.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

1. Christian Eriksen - AMC 9.1
Minutes played90
Shots(On Target)7(4)
Amazing Free Kick Goals2
Oh, look! The highest rating of the season. I guess it's only fair, as this was one of the best performances Eriksen has ever had in a Spurs shirt. He was more involved and more active on the ball than I think I've ever seen him and he was particularly good when it came to creating and taking chances for himself.

Eriksen seems to be fully healthy after missing some time at the beginning of the season and if these are the performances he's going to turn in, regardless of whether he scores, then Spurs are going to look really really good.

2. Hugo Lloris - GK 7.9
Minutes played90
Surprise! Hugo Lloris is in the top three again. I'm not sure we've had a game yet with him not in the top three. In fact, I'm getting a little tired of writing about him all the time, particularly when he's not even the best goalkeeper in the match. Fabianski had much more to do and made a number of saves, though perhaps none were as good or as athletic as Lloris' injury time tip over the bar from Federico Fernandez's header.

3. Dele Alli - MC 7.1
Minutes played90
Alli has been rewarded for his fine recent performances with a call up to the England squad, even though Roy Hodgson doesn't view him as a viable option for Euro 2016...yet.

Alli is still developing, but his athleticism lets him get away with a lot and makes him a pressing monster. I still am not overly fond of his position when Spurs are trying to take the ball out of the back or when we're working on recycling possession and resetting in the attacking third. All that will likely come in time, or he'll get so good that I just have to get over it.0

OTHERS: Walker (6.2), Alderweireld (7.1), Vertonghen (6.3), Davies (6.5), Dier (7.0), Lamela (6.2), Chadli (5.9), Kane (5.0)

SUBS: Clinton (6.2), Townsend (5.0), Dembele (5.7)