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Tottenham boss collects Manager of the Month honors for September.

Lookin' good, Poch!

Julian Finney/Getty Images

September was a pretty good month for Tottenham Hotspur. Victories against Sunderland, Crystal Palace, and powerful Manchester City gave Tottenham a perfect nine for nine on points that could be earned for September and vaulted our beloved Spurs from 16th to 6th on the table. While the goals have been somewhat spread out for the club and everyone stepping up to contribute, there is no denying that the man at the helm, Mauricio Pochettino, has been a catalyst for Spurs' success.

Today, it was announced that the Argentine manager has been awarded Premier League Manager of the Month.

This is Mauricio's first Manager of the Month award at White Hart Lane and his second overall since coming to the Premier League in 2013. The London Evening Standard managed to catch up with Poch to get some comments on the award and the club overall.

"It's a collective honour because we must recognise first our players, all coaching staff and the fans," the 43-year-old told Sky Sports.

"It's good not just for me but for the whole club. It's very important. Okay it's 'manager of the month' but we need to recognise all people involved in the team. The whole club deserve this award.

"It was a fantastic month for us that started at Sunderland, which was a big win, and afterwards Palace and Manchester City. The Sunderland win very important because, after many draws, the team played well but we needed to win, and it confirmed our way.

"Also, Palace were a team who played very well since the start of the season. It's true that the headlines will be the win against Manchester City. After you beat them, it was exciting for all, but every victory was very important."

He's saying all the right things, of course, and we shouldn't expect anything else. The club has had to overcome some obstacles early on, but that victory of Manchester City certainly sealed up this award for him with the other results.

The road does not get any easier as Liverpool comes to White Hart Lane this weekend post-international break and the Argentine boss will have some tough decisions to make with a few players not available for selection.

For now, though, congratulations to the man at the helm! Here's hoping he earned several more on the way to a successful season.