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Watch: Moussa Dembele vs. Liverpool

During Tottenham's goalless draw with Liverpool on Saturday there were a few encouraging individual performances. None stood out more than Moussa Dembele. His commanding presence in the midfield helped Spurs control the middle of the pitch and create the lion's share of the chances.

Not only was Dembele's physicality and calming influence a contribution to the attacking side of the match, he was also able to help keep one of the most dynamic players in the Premier League, Philippe Coutinho, in check for the majority of the 90 minutes.

With the competition for midfield spots so fierce, performances like these should help improve Moussa's chances at more starting nods. (Personal Note: Moussa should start every match. His name is Moussa Dembele. It's such an amazing name. Have you ever just found yourself saying his name for no reason at all? Moooooousssa Moooooussa Dembele! It's addicting.)

Here is a video compilation of his great performance against Liverpool. Let us know in the comments what you thought of his match and what your ideal midfield alignment looks like.