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Spurs avoid a "Klopp-ering": Spurs vs. Liverpool, Community Player Ratings

If you didn't laugh at that headline, then I can't really help you.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

1. Mousa Dembele - MC 8.4
Minutes played90
It's a shame we wasted the power horse nickname on Adebayor, because Dembele, in the words of one of my redneck uncles, is a hoss. It's a good thing he an Pochettino had that detente last season or we wouldn't have been treated to this amazing all around performance.

Dembele was a major calming influence for Spurs early in the early going of this match and his amazing power on the ball and dribbling skill gave Spurs a chance to get the ball out of their defensive third. If there's one critique to make of Dembele, it's that he still needs to do more with his passing. 32 passes for a central midfielder isn't all that many. It worked out fine in this match though because Moose was playing deeper and breaking up play and Alli was incredibly active in front of him.

2. Toby Alderweireld - DC 7.5
Minutes played90
Not the most impressive counting statistics from Tottenham's newest Belgian, but Alderweireld continues to form an excellent partnership with Jan Vertonghen at the heart of Spurs defense. In my min, it was really a pick 'em between Toby and Jan, with Vertonghen probably coming out slightly ahead simply by virtue of being more involved.

Still, Toby is deserving of his place in this week's top three. I can't think of many better centerback pairings in the league than Jan and Toby right now. Perhaps the only one that comes close is Kompany and whoever is plaing beside him now.

3. Hugo Lloris - GK 7.4
Minutes played90
I had to go out to four decimal places to break the tie between Lloris and Jan Vertonghen, but, as usual, the French shot stopper found himself in the top three. Lloris was good again and made an excellent save early in the match to keep Liverpool off the score sheet.

OTHERS: Walker (6.6), Vertonghen (7.4), Rose (6.8), Alli (6.7), Lamela (6.2), Chadli (5.5), Eriksen (7.1), Kane (6.1)

SUBS: Clinton (6.1), Townsend (5.6)