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Bournemouth "hot mic" incident not the Cherries announcer, but SpurredOn TV in radio frequency mix-up


Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

So Tottenham Hotspur were pretty good today, scoring five goals and thoroughly dismantling an awful Bournemouth side that apparently had replaced goalkeeper Artur Boruc with a pot of Folgers Crystals. It wasn't just Spurs fans that were impressed, either. Apparently the Cherries PA announcer called Spurs' win "like men against boys" and said the 5-1 blowout loss was "f**king unbelievable."

Which is true enough. Too bad he said it into a hot mic.

D'OH! Bournemouth have said that they're investigating the incident, but I mean, there's not much to investigate here. Everyone in the ground heard it.

I hope the guy doesn't get fired, though. The problem with being a PA guy is that when you make a mistake with the mic, everybody knows it. He wasn't being racist, like ITV announcer Ron Atkinson in hot mic comments about Marcel Desailly, or sexist like Andy Grey's and Richard Keys' comments about Sian Massey-Ellis. He was just being honest. And it's not like he wasn't saying what every Bournemouth fan in the Vitality Stadium was thinking.

Besides, that was hilarious.

UPDATE: So, apparently it wasn't the Bournemouth announcer at all, but (crazily enough) Barnaby Slater from SpurredOn TV, whose radio microphone he uses to record fan videos happened to be on the same frequency as the tannoy at the Vitality Stadium.

Barnaby claims (and I believe him) that it was a complete accident and he never intended it to happen, and is trying to ensure that the Cherries announcer is not disciplined for the matter. This appears to be an honest mistake and not, as some are probably going to suggest, a purposeful publicity stunt. Barnaby told me he's contacted the Bournemouth PA announcer to apologize.

We'll keep following the story and will keep you updated if there are further developments.