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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links October 26, 2015

Just another Manic Monday.

Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Happy Monday, Spursland! Fresh off a Harry Kane hat trick and what seemed like seven million other Artur Boruc errors that could've been goals I'd like to keep it positive, but I can't.

My fantasy team is crap.

All I needed was for Boruc to let one of Toby's brilliant headers sneak past, but no. Instead he spilled one directly to Harry for the death blow to my hopes and dreams as I was up against our previously out of form striker this week. Seriously, this is why I don't like fantasy, I felt hard done by after a Spurs goal when I should have been popping and locking my way across the living room.

So moral of the story, if we want Spurs to win the league, we have to convince everyone in my fantasy league to drop all their players and pick up the starting XI. We'll (Tottenham, not my fantasy team) have the league locked down before April, guaranteed.

And now for the "news":

Harry Kane reveals how it feels to hit top form| Express

Quaffed hair, mouth open, can't lose.

Spurs could, "in theory", be in for this striker| Squawka

Squawka citing the Mirror within this article is really the show stopper in this link. Tried to find an apropos analogy for just how sad this is and decided, after many failures, to just move on with my life.

Every good team in England, yes that includes us Spurs supporters, sends a scout to Lisbon| Daily Star

The way the author of this just kind of throws up his/her hands and says "I don't know who they were there to see, but we probably have it narrowed down" makes me a little existential.

The decisions that cost Tim Sherwood his job, Part 1| 7500 to Holte

And the wind cried "tactics".

A little time capsule to make you smile| 7500 to Holte

If I could put time in a bottle, and show you just how crap he'd be, then I put that link in the Hoddle, and write about it so merrily...