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Hat trick Harry Kane is Man of the Match: Bournemouth vs. Spurs, Community Player Ratings

Scoring goals and winning matches is super fun.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

1. Harry Kane - ST 9.1
Minutes played84
Shots (On Target)5(5)
This is going to sound super weird, but this is Kane's first man of the match performance of the season and only his second time in the top three. Sure, you can make the argument that Kane was the beneficiary of some of the worst goalkeeping in the history of the world, but he still put all of his shots on target and finished his penalty with aplomb.

If we're going to criticize Kane for one thing, it would seem that his passing was atrocious. I say seem only because I didn't notice it while watching the match. Probably because Kane was putting the ball in the back of the ol' onion bag.

2. Christian Eriksen - AML 8.5
Minutes played90
Aweseome FK Goals0 :'(
Eriksen has put together a pretty impressive run of form since returning from injury. He was Spurs' best player in their draw against Swansea and he's been much more active in getting on the ball and dictating play this season. Eriksen's 69 touches were second most on the team and he seemed to consistently find his teammates in dangerous positions. I think key passes is a dumb stat, but Eriksen had five of them, so that's probably good.

Eriksen played a lot more out on the left in this match and it really reminded me of some of Redknapp's early iterations of Spurs with Luka Modric playing in a play-making role on the flank. It robs the team of some width, but I'll happily swap width for performances like this.

3. Mousa Dembele - AMC 7.9
Minutes played67
French goalkeeper Hugo....wait a minute...Holy crap! Hugo isn't in the top three. My numbers say this has only happened one other time this season. So, instead of the amazing Lloris, we get Mousa Dembele who, with the return of Eric Dier from suspension, moved forward to his defensive attacking midfield role.

I don't care what anyone says, this is the best role for Dembele. Watching him, Dele Alli, Erik Lamela, and Dier put opponents under pressure and create chances is a thing of beauty. This was probably the best the press has looked all season and it should come as no surprise that it came with Dembele in the number 10 role.

Oh yeah, and he scored a goal.

OTHERS: Lloris (7.0), Walker (6.7), Alderweireld (7.5), Vertonghen (7.3), Rose (6.2), Dier (7.4), Alli (7.0), Lamela (7.2)

SUBS: Mason (6.4), Clinton (6.3), Townsend (5.6)