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Christian Eriksen studies Andrea Pirlo free kicks to help him succeed

Study the best to become the best

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen is becoming one of the most deadly set piece specialists in the world. His two free kick goals this weekend against Swansea City are evidence of that. But how did the Dane become such a dead ball expert?

According to the man himself, he studies the best free kick takers in the world to try and hone his own skill. One notable player he tries to learn from is the Italian legend Andrea Pirlo. While Pirlo's illustrious career is winding down in America with New York City FC, he was undoubtedly one of if not the most feared set piece takers in the world during his prime.

"I've watched Pirlo a few times, just because he makes it look so easy. When he's over the ball, you know there's a good chance of a goal." Eriksen said.

"Everyone has their different ways of doing it. I know I have my own and that it's working, so I'm keeping to that. I've practiced free kicks since I was very young. I've always known I had a good shot, and I know what feeling I need to have to get the ball on goal."

Whatever Eriksen is doing to improve his technique seems to be working wonders. Keep doing what you're doing, Christian.