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Wednesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for October 7, 2015

On England being crap, exhausting headlines and AMERICAAAAAAA.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

The international break is the worst. I want to watch good soccer games and there are none on. When the soccer comes back it will mostly be bad soccer. Life is hell.

And now the "news."

Andros Townsend and Kyle Walker get late call-ups | The FA

Trying to just be happy for them instead of cynical, but good god, the state of England.

Wanyama's over this summer, might re-sign with Southampton | Mirror

I'm totally fine with this.

Spurs after "new Hazard" | Star

Are you sick of these lazy "new [player]" headlines yet because I'm ready to outlaw English papers.

Gent striker is a Spurs target | Metro

Sure, why not.

Gerd Müller has Alzheimer's | Bavarian Football Works

Very sad news.

We close with the future of America, Jordan Morris.