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Could Spurs demolish White Hart Lane as soon as January 2017?

Buried within a random planning PDF is what looks like a timetable for construction that suggests Spurs could be in for a longer spell away from home than previously indicated.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Tottenham quietly released additional materials related to the construction of their new stadium on the Haringey Council Planning Services website, and buried within are clues to a possible construction timetable.

Buried inside a PDF titled "Noise Construction Compound Assessment.pdf" which mostly deals with construction noise and its impact in the neighborhoods and area surrounding the stadium construction zone was a curious table with what looks like the bare bones of a timeline.


According to this table, stadium demolition is slated to begin in January of 2017, midway through the 2016-17 season, with the new stadium taking a total of 19 months from start to finish. If this is anything to go on, and barring any significant delays, the stadium is slated to be ready to go by the opening of the 2018-19 season. This is in line with previous statements from the club and is no surprise.

However, the stadium demolition date of January, 2017 is a new and very interesting bit. There's not a lot to go on here, but in the absence of other information it's possible that Spurs' yet-to-be-announced groundshare could be for longer than the one season that was previously suggested. After all, January 2017 is, well, smack dab in the middle of next season. If the wrecking balls start swinging then, Spurs will need a new home for all of the 2017-18 season, as well as half of next season. If true, that's new, and nobody's talked about it yet.

It's important not to take this table as authoritative just yet. It's buried within a document about noise and probably should not be taken as gospel. Tottenham has not yet revealed a formal timetable for construction, so it's very possible that this is an extended estimate and not what Spurs are actually planning. Plus, as is common with any project of this scope, things change. Stadiums are big and take a lot of time to build. Maybe Spurs can play in the stadium while parts of it are readied for demolition next winter. Maybe this was part of the plan all along. Maybe it's speculative noise.

However, it is very interesting in a vacuum. All will be made clear as soon as the club makes an official statement about the timetable for the NDP, which they most assuredly will do at some point. But until then, we have to make do with the dribs and drabs that we can glean from these publicly accessible documents, and sometimes those clues don't lead to answers that fans necessarily want to hear.