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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links November 10, 2015

I institute Bizarro Terrible taste Tuesday because I can.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Spursland!

It's officially the start of my two week malaise at writing these non-league football Hoddles. However, I can laugh at all the rerun rumors that kick up again. Silly season is the best at this point, when it is on the horizon and we can all laugh at it. It isn't so funny when we are in the middle of it and people are bashing Levy because West Brom's chairman (or insert schmuck) is a public relations moron, but we just whine about Levy being cheap.

Thinking about West Brom, let's talk Saido Berahino. Is there really a place for him in this squad anymore? I have my doubts. Which led me to think about this brilliant Marvin Gaye song that kind of sums up how Saido may feel about Spurs at the moment. The song doesn't suck so I've inverted the pyramid, if you will, and created Bizarro Terrible taste Tuesday. Enjoy.

And now for the "news:

Spurs need the legs to carry out Poche's press| The Independent

Per Mertesacker says a smug thing about our performance considering his club played three games in eight when we had three in six; but go ahead, think whatever you want BFG. We could totally only beat the s*** out of you for two thirds of the match on your pitch because our style is flawed.

Tottenham interested in Sporting Lisbon forward| Squawka

This has been around for over a year. Sounds good in theory until you think about where in the hell he would actually play, or how in the hell he would actually make us better. Seriously, once Alex Pritchard comes back I think we see Clinton getting lots of runout at striker.

Tottenham interested in Man Utd. and Man City target| Daily Star

Recycling is usually very good. An outlier being a Daily Star recycled rumor, which is very, very bad.

Someone was buzzing and I don't have to tell you who| Squawka

Motion to change his nickname to "the Beekeeper".

Remembering Michu| SB Nation Soccer

Seems like forever that Swansea won that cup and Laudrup was manager, doesn't it?