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Watch: Dele Alli vs Arsenal

Dele Alli is only 19-years-old. NINETEEN! And yet there he was Sunday playing in one of the most intense derbies on the planet, the North London Derby. You'd expect a young player to show some nerves on such a big occasion. Instead, the youngster handled the pressure and expectations as well as anyone could have ever hoped.

The England international's rise this season has been rapid. When he was bought from MK Don's earlier in the year it was thought that he'd be a long term prospect for Spurs. We see promising players get signed from the lower divisions all the time with a view to bring them in a develop them over time. Surely this was likely the plan for Alli as well. However, once he got on the pitch for Spurs, it was obvious he was not an ordinary prospect.

Alli's technical quality is what separates him from so many of the the other young prospects in world football. The composure he has on the ball is noticeable anytime it comes to him on the pitch. This was never more evident than against Arsenal. Playing in the same midfield with the likes of Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, and Christian Eriksen, some of the most technical players in the world, Alli held his own and was impressive. Watch his performance for yourself.