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Have Spurs just signed the U17 World Cup Golden Boot winner?

According to Spanish daily AS, Spurs have landed another mysterious Nigerian wonderkid.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Some potentially exciting news in the Tottenham transfer market, maybe. Possibly. We think. According to the Spanish daily AS, Tottenham have reached an agreement to sign 16-year old Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen.

You may not have heard of Osimhen. I hadn't until a few days ago. Osimhen lit up the recently completed U17 World Cup in Chile, which was won by Nigeria over fellow CAF member Mali. He won the Golden Boot with 10 goals in the competition, six more than the runner-up, and did it in a reportedly very impressive fashion. Here's a highlight video of Osimhen from the World Cup.

I don't know much about this kid, but based on this video he looks both tall and strong, since he's easily outmuscling defenders. He's got a good first touch, decent mobility, and a rocket of a right foot, though he doesn't look particularly fast. He also looks like he's a big kid.

Now it's important to note a couple of things at this stage. First, one does not simply TRUST Spanish dailies. AS isn't MARCA, but neither are they especially trustworthy when it comes to transfer rumors. Second, it's a little difficult at this stage to pinpoint if Osimhen is dominant because he's really good, or if he's just really good in comparison to his U17 colleagues. Youth development is a total crapshoot, and the lower leagues of Europe are littered with players who dominated a U17 World Cup but never were able to take the next step. Finally, he's 16, so he would most certainly be a signing for the future. Don't think that if he signs Osimhen is going to help out the club anytime soon.

But as a counterpoint, if Spurs really have signed this kid, it's potentially a super exciting signing. It looks at first blush to be a Paul Mitchell black box special, and even if he doesn't become a superstar, there's very little harm in taking a flyer on a young kid who's tearing it up at the youth level. But we might not see him for a while. Remember Musa Yahaya?

We'll keep an eye on this story to see if it's actually a thing or not. For now, don't fully believe it and don't get too excited.