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Son nets two assists in World Cup qualifier against Myanmar

Kick that rust off, Sonny!

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Right before the international break that is currently boring all of us to tears, Spurs got a little boost as Heung-Min Son came off of the injury report and got some time in against RSC Anderlecht and Arsenal. He looked rusty in both matches, but that's to be expected given the amount of time he had missed with the foot injury that sidelined him.

Considering Son got that time in, the Korean National Team opted to call up Son for their World Cup qualification matches during this break. It looks as though the rust is coming off in a hurry as the club tweeted this out today:

According to the match report, Son came on in the 63rd minute, meaning he got about 30 minutes of time in during the match against less-than-stellar Myanmar. Grabbing a couple of assists in that period of time is very promising and here's hoping that it's just a matter of getting Son back up to fitness before we see him starting in the league again.

We all know that the international break causes us extra stress because we pray that nobody gets injured, whether they are friendlies or World Cup qualifiers, which the latter is true in this case. However, they're necessary on the international level and there's little we can do about it other than wait and see. In this case, it looks as though Son is working back nicely into form and here's hoping that it carries over into that first match back against West Ham United.