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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hospur news and links November 2, 2015

Manic Match day Monday

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Happy Spurs day, Spursland! And not just any Spurs day: it's a Monday Night Football Spurs day. In a weird way I'm happy it's not against Tim Sherwood because it would've made for some insufferable audio clips from the Honest One in the lead up to the game, and our squad has endured enough media bias for a lifetime after Klopp-mania hit a couple weeks back.

Also, don't look now, but a win tonight puts us into fifth with the sure to fade Leicester City one of those ahead of us. Even with all those unluckily dropped points. We are actually good and it's weird.

Not saying we still won't have some weird results. We're Spurs after all and weird is bound to happen, like me having to speak Spanish when grocery shopping in Bushwick.

And now for the "news":

Hugo wants to keep the defensive record going| Squawka

Can't wait for all the blowback from these statements from the "I want my Spurs back" section of the fanbase. Oh wait, they're in hiding after realizing Levy and Pochettino actually know what they're dong? Who could see that coming??

Harry Kane takes over NFL UK Twitter on Sunday| 101 Great Goals

Harry, literally, thought every play was jaw dropping. #rimshot

Mauricio Pochettino proud of having the youngest team in league, called "Poch Spice" by Mirror| Mirror

"If you wanna be my player, you gotta get with my press."

Paul Pogba is a footballer, not a transfer rumor| SB Nation Soccer

This has something to do with the way Serie A has taken a beating in recent years. People in England and America are incredulous that one of the best talents in the world chooses to play at Juventus. But riddle me this: if Serie A is so s***, how come the Premier League is a couple bad results in Europe from losing a Champions League spot to them?

Timbers and Whitecaps draw| Stumptown Footy

No, it's not a major battle in Lord of the Rings; it's something even more esoteric and slow moving: the MLS playoffs.