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Eric Dier needs a better endorsement deal

Artichokes? Are you serious?

Tottenham Hotspur and England midfielder Eric Dier is one of the brightest young talents in the Premier League. His move to the holding midfield role this season was met with much scrutiny, but he's prove all the doubters wrong with his stellar play in an unfamiliar position.

Not only is he one of the first names on Mauricio Pochettino's team sheet these days, he's also working his way into Roy Hodgson's plans with the England National Team.

You'd think a top athlete with the world in front of him would be able to snag a fancy endorsement deal with Nike or Adidas. Even Reebok or something...

Instead, poor Eric is reduced to this:

A photo posted by Eric Dier (@ericdier15) on

Artichokes. He's selling artichokes. Like the 27th best vegetable in the food pyramid. This is a disgrace. He can hide behind that fake goofy smile as much as he wants, but you just know he's dreaming of the days he can get free zucchini or broccoli. This is an outrage of the highest order.