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Mauricio Pochettino calls Spurs "one of the most attractive clubs in the world"

Leo, on the hull of the Titanic, was less bashful than the hype surrounding Spurs.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

The whole world is smitten with Spurs. The lilywhites, begrudgingly as it may be, are darlings of the English press. Supporters are confident; extolling their positive and optimistic observations about their club to social media. Murmurs, and loud ones at that, have been heard from opposing fanbases about the formidability of this current side.  Even distinguished academics have pondered, with profound gravity, the very real prospects of a 2015-16 title challenge from Tottenham Hotspur, and now Mauricio Pochettino thinks Spurs have turned into a destination club.

"Today, Tottenham are one of the most attractive clubs in the world for all players, not just the young ones.

"We are starting to be attractive and we have reached a certain point today, in England and Europe. But we have only a few places in the squad. We can't bring in 20 or 30 players.

"Now we need to be careful and clever to make sure we keep improving.

"If we are to win the title in the future, it is not only about developing players.This is our challenge, our objective."

Pochettino doesn't address this season per se, but he does signal the excitement surrounding the club. Tottenham can be considered a dark horse contender for the title, but that outsider position has less to do with the current talent, and more to do with their inexperience. Nobody knows how the club will react to the building expectations surrounding them, yet few question the raw ability of the side. With Leicester in first place, and the favorites chalk full of flaws, Tottenham can reasonably push for the top spot this season if they continue their current form.

It is quite telling too that Pochettino, while acknowledging that improvements can be made, only leaves the window open for a couple new additions. Essentially he is marketing the club, pointing out its desirability, but also highlighting its exclusivity. The overhaul of the squad seems to be complete, with only calculated transfers are necessary going forward.

"The way we show respect for the players, the way we try to play and the way our philosophy is... for the big players and the young players, it's a fantastic club with a fantastic structure."

Spurs have lacked consistency in its personnel, yet there are elements to the club that are forever tempting. It is located in a world class city, it plays in the highest profile league in the world, and it can pay players a more than decent wage. This will all improve exponentially when the new stadium is built too. The cacophony of poor signings, managerial sackings, and bad luck glosses over the fact that the core of Tottenham Hotspur has real pull. What Poche brings to the world transfer market now is stability and gravitas. He plays bombastic, adrenaline-fueled, attacking football, gives young players a run, and more importantly has proven that footballers develop under him. This may not be the club for a twenty-eight-year-old looking for that final big pay-day, but if you are twenty-five and under (or better yet, twenty, a prodigy, and looking for that first team minutes), and not flourishing for Madrid, Barcelona, City, or Bayern Munich, why not Spurs? Why not now?