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Tottenham to increase security before Chelsea match, fans advised to arrive early

Are you going to White Hart Lane this Sunday for the Chelsea match? Get there earlier than you usually do.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

In the wake of the terror attacks at the Stade de Paris, Tottenham Hotspur, along with many other EPL clubs, increased security at White Hart Lane before the match against West Ham United. Unfortunately, many fans didn't get the message, and the increased security at WHL checkpoints meant that some fans missed kickoff and the start of the match last weekend.

These enhanced security measures are carrying over into this weekend's home match against Chelsea. This morning the club contacted me by e-mail (yes, they sometimes do that! It's neat!) and asked for my help in getting the word out to supporters who are planning on attending the match.

From the club's press release:

In preparation for this Sunday's fixture with Chelsea, there will be similar procedures in place. As our fixture is an early kick off at midday, to ensure you reach your seat before the action commences, we strongly advise that you arrive no later than 11am to clear security.

We also ask that you assist in the following ways:

  • Please ensure all coats and jackets are open and ready to be searched
  • Avoid bringing any bags with you to the stadium unless absolutely necessary. ALL bags will be searched. Please note there are no "left luggage" facilities at the stadium
  • If you are experiencing extended queuing, please be patient. Our staff are doing everything possible to get you into the stadium safely and as quickly as possible.
  • Be extra vigilant and alert staff or police to anything unusual

The stadium will be open 30 minutes earlier than usual at 10am to allow additional time to enter the stadium.

Extra security is no fun, but neither are incidents of violence in and around football stadiums. For now, expect this to be the new normal at and around White Hart Lane.

As a reward/special treat to fans, the club also announced that those who arrive early will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Spurs legends Mark Falco, Micky Hazard, David Howells and Graham Roberts, who will be hanging around the concourses between 10-11 a.m. UK time.