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Pochettino: no chance Harry Kane leaves for Chelsea


Epsilon/Getty Images

Harry Kane is good again. Fire up the transfer rumor machine!

Now that Kane has scored ten goals in all competitions and is staking his claim as one of, if not the, best striker in the Premier League, naturally he's being linked in a big-money move to Chelsea. One problem: Harry doesn't want to move, and Tottenham definitely doesn't want to sell.

At least Spurs first team coach Mauricio Pochettino has a good humor about the whole thing. Take it away Poche:

"I am happy that a big club want our players - this is because they show they are a top player with top performances. It is good when they are linked.

But Harry, like Hugo Lloris, wants to stay here. He is one of the best players and he is very happy. He wants to grow up with us and try the next few years to try for the top four and win titles with Tottenham. This is his challenge."

Sure, Chelsea is struggling with Diego Costa, Loic Remy, and Radamel Falcao, and they've got that whole bottomless pit of money thing going for them, so of course they want to buy Harry Kane. It's kind of cute that they think they can buy Kane from us. You know, like they did Luka Modric. And Gareth Bale.

Look, I'm pretty sure not even Chelsea fans think this is a serious rumor. I'm also sure it has nothing at all to do with the fact that Spurs host Chelsea on Sunday and that the Blues are struggling to put the ball in the back of the net this season. It's more like a "Gosh, wouldn't it be great if" kind of thing. Every player has his price, but if Kane ever does get sold it'll be to the continent and not to a Premier League rival, and it'll be for more money than God.

tl;dr – cool story, bro.