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Pochettino trolls Jose Mourinho after Spurs' draw with Chelsea


Julian Finney/Getty Images

Say this for Mauricio Pochettino: he's not afraid to mix it up with Jose Mourinho. Just after Spurs earned a point against Chelsea in a scoreless draw at White Hart Lane, Poche brought the #bantz in the post-match interview.

OH SNAP! And it gets better! Also from the post-match comments:

"This is a good thing. We play the champions. It's good. You got the feeling that Chelsea were a small team and Tottenham can win every game we play," Pochettino said. "It's very difficult, though. Not easy. We're the youngest team in the PL and the maturity we showed today we have shown in different games. We have to feel happy. It's a good thing that, maybe, we are a bigger club than Chelsea or that we deserve more. We showed good performances in the last few games, and I'm happy, but we have to keep working hard. We've only had 14 games in the PL and it's too early to think about the end of the season."

Mourinho did what Mourinho does best when faced against a dangerous opponent: he set Chelsea up to get an away draw. And that's exactly what happened. The draw means, however, that Spurs are still ten points up on the defending champions as we head into December, while Chelsea remains mired in the bottom half of the table.

And let's not forget this isn't the first time that Poche has trolled Mourinho after getting a result. Remember this moment in January's 5-3 win at the Lane?