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Watch: Mauricio Pochettino thinks Spurs deserved more than a draw against Chelsea

Most years, if you're Tottenham and you come away with a 0-0 home draw with Chelsea, you'll take that nine ways to Sunday. We're not living in most years. It's safe to say that Spurs are having a pretty good season when you can battle through a scoreless draw with the defending league champions and feel like you've dropped two points on the day. But that's where we are.

That's also where Mauricio Pochettino is too, because in post-match comments he essentially said he thought Spurs were more deserving of the win on balance.

Note: due to licensing restrictions imposed by NBC, video will only play in the USA and its territories.

"No, no I don't think it was fair. I think that our first half was much better than Chelsea's, and maybe if one team deserves that victory, we are that team that deserves it. But other than that I'm very pleased for the players, for the massive effort and for me they are heroes after a very tough week. The way that we played and the maturity that we showed today made me very proud for them."

From here Spurs' schedule increases in intensity, if not difficulty. Spurs are out of the Capital One Cup and hence have a full week to recuperate before a weekend tie at the Hawthornes against West Bromwich Albion. Spurs' next five league matches are at West Brom, Newcastle, at Southampton, Norwich, and at Watford. The hard part of the first half of the season is over, and there are still lots of good points to be won.