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Tottenham to live-stream team training session November 4

Harry Engels/Getty Images

Ever wondered what a Tottenham Hotspur training session is like?  Spurs will take an unprecedented step by live-streaming part of their training session at their Hotspur Way training facilities on the club website tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4.

Most Premier League training sessions are closed to the public, and for good reason: opposition scouts could use the information to formulate game plans that counter what they see teams working on. But for many fans, the idea of being able to see their club train is an exciting one, as it's a peek behind the curtain and a glimpse into what goes into the preparation for a football match. Spurs are preparing to take on Anderlecht in a critical Europa League group stage match at White Hart Lane on Thursday.

Spurs' feed will go live beginning 10:45 a.m. London time, which is 5:45 a.m. Eastern time and even earlier for fans on the USA west coast. The live-streamed training will only 15 minutes, but it has the potential to be a unique look at the club, especially for fans who live overseas.