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Are these Tottenham Hotspur's new kits for 2016-17?

In short, almost certainly not. But who doesn't love a good leaked kit concept? Or even a crappy one?

Need some juicy and dubious gossip to tide you over until the West Brom match this weekend? Footy Headlines has released what it purports to be (very) early leaks of Tottenham Hotspur's 2016-17 kits by Under Armor.

The home kit is (duh) predominantly white with navy, while the away kit is navy, but with gold accents. The "gold accent" thing is apparently what differentiates it from past seasons.

away 16-17

Kit leak stories are fun, and so's speculation! But let's be honest here: these are almost certainly fake.

1.  It's not kit leak season.

Most kit leaks (real and fake) start to emerge in and around March, as the season starts to wind down. "Kit concepts" start to come out of the woodwork about this time, and most clubs will announce their new kits in time to debut them either for the last match of the season, or in time to generate excitement as the EPL goes into hiatus.

With Spurs, it's even worse. The first (bogus) design for last season's kits was "leaked" on March 1, but the photos of what would turn out to be Spurs' real kits didn't show up until May. It's November. I don't buy the timing.

2.  These are... um, pretty vague.

The home kit photo is ostensibly a white shirt with a blue cockerel and UA logo. The away kit photo is the same, but with a blue shirt and gold trim. Neither show any sort of actual detail apart from the logos and the tops of the AIA logo, so in a sense this is sort of a Tottenham rorschach test on which you can overprint your own expectations. Now, we haven't had a plain white shirt with minimal trimmings since 2011-12, but surely there'll be something more than just this, right?

3.  Bro, do you even Photoshop?

Yeah, look, I'm not Earl of Shoop or a01chtra, but even I know an obvious Photoshop fake when I see one. The first shirt looks like a digital facsimile of white fabric, the UA logo is slightly fuzzy (and not embroidered), and the cockerel logo is obviously a digital file superimposed over the top and modified slightly with the free transform tool. I'd be more impressed if this were an actual photo of a shirt with embroidered logos, but that's not what we've got here.

I suppose you could argue that this is a "early concept drawing" or something, but we'd be getting that in the context of "concepty" kit design stuff, like, photos of the UA catalog, and not random close-up photographs of kit details. Although, those do exist. Here's what they tend to look like when they're real.

In conclusion:

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE. But fun! I don't actually hate the idea of simplistic kits with gold trim. If this were an actual thing I wouldn't be too disappointed. I'd probably even buy one! But right now, I'd be very surprised if these are the shirts Spurs wear when they walk out on the field in the Community Shield next fall (you know, because they're going to win the league).