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Dembele powers Spurs to victory: Spurs vs. Aston Villa, Community Player Ratings

I'm starting to forget what losing to inferior competition is like.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

1. Mousa Dembele - AMC 8.3
Minutes played68
Shots (On Target)2(1)
Dembele seems to be in full on "f*** the haterz" mode. Two goals in his last two matches and I'm pretty sure he's still hauling the carcass of Ciaran Clark around on his back.

I know there's a divide in opinion on just how good Dembele is and whether or not he deserves to retain his starting role in the team once everyone is fully fit, but I think that divide will start to close if Dembele continues to put in performances like this.

2. Dele Alli - MC 7.9
Minutes played88
Alli gets an obvious bump for scoring a goal, but this was also one of his better all-around matches. In the past, I've criticized him for his movement in midfield and his seeming unwillingness to show for the ball. Against, Villa, Alli was better at this.

He and Mousa Dembele combined incredibly well to, essentially, form a three man midfield, with Eric Dier behind them. Alli is still a freakish athlete and he's adapted incredibly quickly to both the expectations of Pochettino's system and the rigors of the Premier League. Also, he didn't get booked in this match and will be available to play against Arsenal!

3. Harry Kane - ST 7.6
Minutes played90
Shots (On Target)3(2)
The final goalscorer for Spurs also makes our top three. Like Dembele, this is Kane's second consecutive match with a goal and it really looks like he's regained his confidence and will start pouring the goals in now. He probably should have had two in this match, but Villa got a good block in and keeper Brad Guzan turned the ball over the bar for a corner.

Kane's effort at the tip of the press was excellent again and he's getting in the same positions he was early in the season, now he's just finishing his chances. I'm still a little worried about his involvement in the build-up though. His passing percentages remain low and there was at least once when he could have played the ball to a teammate for a good shot (In fairness, I believe that play was the one referenced above where Guzan turned the ball over the bar). Regardless, Kane is scoring goals and now has five on the season. As he goes, so will Spurs, so having him firing is important.

OTHERS: Lloris (6.8), Walker (6.9), Alderweireld (7.4), Vertonghen (7.4), Rose (7.4), Dier (7.5), Eriksen (7.5), Lamela (7.5)

SUBS: Mason (5.8), Davies (6.4), Onomah (6.6)