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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links November 6, 2015

Everyone's working for the weekend.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

After a thrilling, late winner it may seem a bit difficult to ramp up the hate for Arsenal in such short order, but it sure isn't for me. I don't like them as a club. Sure, individuals may be nice and I can get on because I'm a human being, but that's about it. This match is gut wrenching in the best and worst ways. I want it to be over, I want it to last forever, I....I...

I can't even write a damn links article I'm so worked up. Let's get these fools on Sunday.

And now for the "news"

Poche thinks the boys showed spirit| ESPN FC

They did. Good call, Mauricio.

Watford could be in for Adebayor oh boy| Mirror

I suggest reading Mirror articles in the shower. They are bad enough that I imagine one feels better after paying for sex than reading one of their articles.

Injury news for Woolwich from that blog we ran for a day| The Short Fuse aka Carty Free Lite

Remember when this blog was awesome for a day? Now they just talk about football. What a bunch of losers.

Serena Williams chases a thief| SB Nation Lookit

If she had any skill, she'd put backspin on him and he'd come back to her. Hack.