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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links December 11, 2015

Friday ftw

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

I think I finally understand the pride parents have for one of their children who grows up and does well for themselves. Three performances yesterday were all about coming of age, if only for different reasons.

1) Erik Lamela: for three years we've waited for him to figure it out and he finally put it all together against Monaco yesterday. Not only did he bag three goals, but he was constantly dangerous. He's one of the squad's most important players as we challenge for top four and trophies this year, and who was predicting that at the end of August amidst all the transfer gossip?

2) Tom Carroll: he's been a site favorite for a long, long time and last night he bagged his first senior goal for Tottenham, a real beauty. While being the stuff of Skipjack's nightmares, it was the stuff of dreams for the rest of us, normal Spurs fans. I think fair to say it's only the divinity of Dele Alli keeping our favorite son of the academy from pushing for serious Premier League minutes.

3) Josh Onomah: dawwww he looks like a baby out there. A baby who is strong and dangerous on the ball and quite possibly in a nutmegging contest with Dele Alli that is. At 18 years of age he looks to be bursting with potential and on another, bit luckier night could've scored.

Seriously, how wonderful is it that three of the top four from Cartilage Free Captain's prospect rating series were in the squad last night with only injury holding Alex Pritchard back?

Way to go last night, boys; on to Newcastle.

And now for the "news":

Striker options for Spurs despite appearing not to need another one| Sky Sports

A bit of a confusing article. After detailing why we may not need another striker, the writer got nervous and threw in the name of five guys linked to us just because it's an expectation to recycle rumors this time of year. Don't want to be too sensible with the January window so close, I guess.

Pochettino: Lamela a totally different player from three years ago| Daily Mail

Once we found him it was no looking back, I suppose; but my god it took a while to find him, didn't it?

Tottenham target to be tapped up by quiet little club in red| Metro

This transfer makes sense and is a disgrace to football. How dare a replacement be considered for the best footballer in the world while he is injured?

Keeper goes rogue, scores| SB Nation Lookit

The day all outfielders were fearing, when the keepers figured out they don't need no stinking outfielders.