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Watch: Top 5 Spurs U-21 goals so far this season

Our pals at Spurs TV have put together a nifty little Top 5 list for our viewing pleasure today. This list consists of the Top 5 Spurs U-21 goals of the season so far.

While maybe only one of these goals are truly spectacular (we'll let you decide which one), there's definitely enough in here that it's worth the two minutes of your life to watch. If anything, it's worth sticking around for the epic dubstep beat drop towards the end of the video.

Alex Pritchard makes an appearance on the list with a gorgeous left-footed curler making it even more depressing that picked up a severe ankle injury. The talent pool doesn't just end there, the U-21's have a ton of potential littered throughout the squad. Some making the list like Shayron Harrison who appears twice on the list with a lovely near post run for a goal and a stunning left-footed volley. Then there's high profile prospects like Cameron Carter-Vickers and Josh Onomah who aren't on the list but possess massive quality. The next generation is looking extremely bright.

Perhaps you may notice a certain Andros Townsend is nowhere to be found on this illustrious list. Is this some kind of club conspiracy to keep the England international out of the spotlight? Out of sight, out of mind? Could their be greater forces behind this omission? To deny his actual existence is to deny the idea of him. Clear, your mind must be if you are to discover the real villains behind the plot. The Illuminati has his career in their hands now.

Or maybe he just didn't score a goal better than these five: