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Watch: Top 3 Spurs U-21 saves so far this season

Annnnd we're back! Another countdown of the Tottenham Hotspur kiddies! Last week we brought you the Top 5 goals by the Spurs U-21's so far this season. This time it's the goalkeeper's turn. I suppose goalkeepers are people too, so they deserve their time in the spotlight.

The fine folks at Spurs TV combed through all the game footage and picked out three top notch saves by the U-21 squad. Apparently they couldn't find five...

CFC's 15th-ranked prospect this year, Thomas Glover, appears twice on this list. He's 66% of the video. They should've just called this the Thomas Glover and friend highlight video (with Luke McGee being the friend).

His first stop against Liverpool's U-21 team is the pick of the three. A truly stunning diving save off of a downwards header that he somehow keeps out of the net. The other two are kinda ehhhh.... But don't take my word for it. Check them our for yourselves: