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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links December 24, 2015

Thursday almost Spursday.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, Spursland!

Oh, who am I kidding? Andi Thomas was right: Thursdays are terrible, and especially so without the Europa League to keep us occupied. In fact I'm so bored I'm reading way too much into Josh Onomah only playing 45 minutes with the U21 side last night. Is he poised for a league start or no? Normally, I'd have a match today to keep the mischievous part of my brain from overwhelming the weaker, logical part, but today there is no such luck.

I hope Thursday finds you in a better state of mind, a place where you know we aren't really going to rotate, and you're cool with it because that's what's going to happen, right?

And, now that you're properly horrified, for the "news":

"It was my dream to go to Chelsea" says Willian| Squawka

Why the one time Tottenham target/signee is talking about this again is anybody's guess. I believe this is the story that he's concocted to tell the press to make him not look like a logical mercenary. Nobody would be angry Willian if you just said they cut a bigger check. Have fun in tenth place, man.

Are shiny new football stadia like Tottenham's community game changers?The Independent

This article asks more questions than provides answers, but I think we all know that most of the time this isn't how economic redevelopment works. It's way more complex than that.

Harry Kane was all smilesThe Sport Review

He knew we were naming a drink after him (spoiler). Why wouldn't he be smiling?

Etienne Capoue not out to prove a point to TottenhamWatford Observer

He didn't want to prove himself, allegedly, while he was with us. Why should anything change now?