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Mauricio Pochettino quotes Britney Spears to make a point about Arsenal

Poche's pop culture references are three years outdated, but still on fleek for a football manager.

David Becker/Getty Images

Who said Mauricio Pochettino isn't hip? In a press conference before Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League match against Norwich City on Boxing Day, Spurs' manager stated that arch-rival Arsenal's table position is of no importance to him, and he used lyrics by Britney Spears and to make his point.

"It's like what Britney Spears and sing: ‘Everybody in the club, all eyes on us, all eyes on us.' Because it's not important what Arsenal do. For me it's important to assess our seasons and how we can compare with us, not how we compare with another team. If we finish in the top four it will be because we have improved on last season. I was confident [before the start of the season] and I am still confident with the squad that we have."

Whoa, sick reference, bro! Your references are out of control! First of all, I'd like to see Poche in a club. Secondly, Poche is a Britney Spears fan and this should not go unnoticed nor forgotten.

Thing is, I kind of agree with Poche. There's a popular Tottenham-themed "what-if" question that floats around here and elsewhere on the SpursWeb that asks you to choose between the following scenarios: Spurs finish 17th but Arsenal get relegated, or Spurs make the Champions League but Arsenal win the title. Supposedly it's a way of gauging what kind of a Tottenham fan you are. There's no right or wrong answer... but the implication is that there kind of is.

The irony is that this season Spurs could very well be in one of those situations. Arsenal is currently at the top of Michael Caley's title projections, and Spurs at this point look very much like they could finish in third or fourth. But regardness, my answer to that question is: Champions League. Every time. Sure, it'd suck to see the Scum lift a league trophy (that isn't for fourth place), but for me, to voluntarily give up success to see your rival fail is the height of folly. I hate Arsenal, but I refuse to be defined by them. And I certainly don't hate Arsenal more than I love Spurs.

Pochettino has the right approach here. It's not about what Arsenal does. If Spurs can finish fourth position and Arsenal still finishes ahead of them, well, then it'll still be the happiest St. Totteringham's Day I've had in years.

But next time let's see if Poche can make his point with some Adele lyrics instead.