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No one was happier about Son Heung-Min's wondergoal than Kyle Walker

By now you've probably seen Son Heung-Min's jumping/flying/spinning backheel nutmeg match-winner against Watford. Chances are whether you saw it live or a replay you were pretty elated about the goal. No matter how excited you got, it probably didn't top how pumped Kyle Walker was after the final whistle on Monday. The Tottenham Hotspur fullback was a substitute on the night, but that didn't temper his emotions whatsoever.

He was so excited about the amazing goal that he was doing his best to describe the goal moment by moment to the man who scored it. No matter who you are, whether it be supporter or veteran professional, when you see an amazing goal you still celebrate it with pure unadulterated joy.

(h/t to /r/COYS)