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Tottenham 2-1 Watford: player ratings to the theme of New Year's Eve Party Venue

Oh so important for a successful end to the year.

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Some people say that New Year's Eve celebrations are the worst. I say that those people are boring. The week after Christmas is a time of rest, reflection, and maybe some pre-New Year resolution workouts, but it's also the time to lock down a badass plan for the big night.  Because what is not to like about New Year's Eve? Convivial celebration and good spirits, bubble wine, aggressive drinking that is socially acceptable, Ryan Seacrest, idiots in Time Square; the list goes on.

Securing a proper location for your festivities is essential to making the night great. Whereas you have little control over where you spend your Holidays, you have complete control over where you usher in the New Year. Son's "MIDAIR-BACKHEEL-NUTMEG GOAL" was fun, make sure your New Year's Eve gathering is just as epic. Here are your Tottenham player ratings to the theme of New Year's Eve Party Venues.

5 Stars: Bar in an Urban Setting

This venue is particularly wonderful for the young and uncommitted. It's the one night where you can go out and have the easiest segue ever into making out with a stranger. NOBODY wants to be left solo for that midnight kiss, thus all of humanity is way more prone to making terrible decisions. This is magical. For those of us who are old and in devoted relationships, the city bar locale still offers the element of surprise. You might meet some new and interesting people, the opportunity for silly drunk dancing is significantly higher, and even if you don't want to be active in the human interaction department; there is still top notch people watching to be had. How will this particularly love triangle, with two suitors and one target, unfold? Who is the most desperate person at bar? Which patron's inebriation will prevent them from making it to midnight? The opportunities here are ample.

Erik Lamela: Again our resurgent Argentine was Tottenham's best performer of the day. A nice trend he is setting here. Was magnificent in the first goal and chalk full of confidence in the moment. Never looked to pass, stayed composed, and deceptively picked out the bottom left corner of the Watford goal with his eyes, before coolly slotting home his finish to the opposite side of the net. Nearly had a second goal minutes later off of a Kane cross. Also, played an important role in Spurs' second goal as he played a perfect one touch, while at an awkward angle in a crowded space, to free Alderweireld before he played Kieran Trippier for the game-winning assist.

Kieran Trippier: Hands down his best match in a Spurs shirt. In Europa Leagues ties he has, at times, looked downright out of place. He hasn't taken his chances well and certainly has not come close to challenging Kyle Walker for a starting eleven spot. Well this match is a step in the right direction for him. In Spurs surprising 3-4-2-1 formation, he hugged the touchline and found himself with ample space. Making the most of this opportunity, he seemed to always be on and, outside of our quick counters, he was the focal point of the attack. Whipping balls into dangerous areas all game, his acumen and skill to play that second cross to the exact same spot, in the exact same way, led to the glories of the game-winner. Great match.

Son Heung-Min: Was a breath of fresh air when introduced. Added that extra danger of actually running at defenders and was energetic throughout his shift. The goal, well flying inside back-heel nutmeg game-winners at the death don't happen so much, so yeah it was quality and a glimpse into what Son is all about. Match-winner.

4 Stars: Good House Party

This is a great option for all ages. A solid house party can be just as appealing for a forty-year-old as it is for a twenty-two-year-old. What is best about a house party is that element of control. You know the hosts and you know the majority of the guest list, therefore you have an idea of how the night will go. It is always the more cost effective option and by bringing a few choice selections of booze and beer, you know that you are well set in the tasty beverage category. These nights tend to be with your closest of friends and who better to spend the waning moments of the year with? Running the gamut of great conversation to fun drinking games, the house party is a fine alternative to the raucous bar crowd.

Jan Vertonghen: Handled the change of formation decently well. Didn't get forward as much as Toby, but held his own in the back against a physical Watford side. Goal wasn't on him and he did well to snuff out Watford's direct play; especially in the closing minutes.

Toby Alderweireld: Toby continued his stellar first season with Spurs with another fine performance. Playing on the right side of the back three, he was able to open up the Watford defense with long balls into our forward players or Kieran Trippier on the right side, and diagonal balls to Danny Rose on the left wing. Made that extra pass to Trippier to set up his game-winning assist. He also did well to join the attack after we went a man up.

Tom Carroll: Carroll played a direct role in Erik Lamela's first goal. He was the one who forced Cathcart to panic and take the big touch of which Dele Alli intercepted. In fact, Carroll put in an energetic showing and was a key cog in Tottenham's press. That said, he wasn't threatening going forward and didn't get involved in the attack all too much.

Dele Alli: Much the same for Alli as for Carroll. He was pivotal in Tottenham's press and was responsible for winning the ball in Spurs' first goal. For as disjointed as our attack was all day, Alli was pretty lively and got on the ball a good amount, even if he wasn't particularly effective when he had it.

Christian Eriksen: When introduced for Dembélé right before the half, it looked like Spurs would revert back to their preferred 4-2-3-1 formation. Instead, Spurs kept the same look. Thought that Eriksen got more involved in the attack then the man that he replaced, but the way we played with the 3-4-2-1 didn't necessarily suit his game. That said, he put in a good effort and add some much needed creativity to our build-up play when it was on.

3 Stars: Anywhere with Kids

Damnit you love those little bundles of joy and even if you don't have them yet, they can still be marginally entertaining in the right circumstance. But New Years Eve celebrations – nope, not having it, definitely not the right time to be dealing with kids. See all of the things that they annoy you with; the constant attention they demand, the hissy-fits they engage in, their long winded incoherent ramblings, their impromptu bowel movements; well this is just awful to deal with. Right!? Wrong. You deal with all of this anyways when interacting with adults on New Years Eve so the kids themselves aren't actually so bad. Where they are a negative to the party is the responsibility that they bring to it. Parents just can't get as rowdy as their childless counterparts and if you are at a gathering with the little ones, you probably have to keep it under control too.

Hugo Lloris: Not the best match for our beloved Hugo. He has to be off his line on the first goal to give himself a chance at making the save. In general, he looked a bit timid all match. When Watford were pushing in the 80th minute and beyond, he had multiple opportunities to catch the ball and calm things down for our panicky side. Instead, he parried and punched the ball leading to more corners and more pressure. He did make a fine save though on Watford's near goal.

Eric Dier: Asked to play in the center of the back three, Eric Dier did not have an awful game, but it also wasn't his best. The first twenty minutes saw some miscues and miscommunications between he and the Belgian center back duo, but as the game wore on Dier settled in nicely and distributed the ball well from this position. Where his error lies, and really why he can't be rated any higher than a 3, is that the Ighalo goal was basically on him. The goal was not an artistic combination, but an individual battle of brute strength and skill of which our young Englishman lost. He made up for at least of portion of this mistake with that huge sliding block of Watford's final chance in the 93rd minute.

Mousa Dembélé: Playing in the center of the park in the midfield two, he was bypassed in our attack for the most part. The aggravation of his ankle injury meant that he departed the field before the first half even ended. Mousa didn't play poorly, but he also didn't put a stamp on the game.

Harry Kane: Felt like Harry was on an island for much of the match. Didn't do anything terribly wrong, but also wasn't overly impactful either. Had a chance on that skipping header early in the second half, but that would have been a truly class finish so can't fault him too much there. He was the target of much service, but never really the recipient. If I am stretching, Kane's run beside Lamela, even though he was never *really* on, forces Watford's last defender to stay honest and not dive in earlier on Lamela's shot. As always, his work-rate was high.

2 Stars: NYC Times Square

Who are these colossal idiots who pack themselves into Times Square? Seriously, who the hell are they? Where do they pee? Do they even drink? Where the f*** are they from? All of the negative stereotypes of dumb America that I hold are represented on the dimwitted faces of these jackasses. AHHHHHHHH!

Danny Rose: For a former left winger, his performance was abysmal. Watford didn't necessarily have a great answer for the width of our unconventional setup. Kieran Trippier seized the day with all of his time and space, while Danny Rose just tripped over his own two feet. Never convincing when he got the ball, he neither sent menacing crosses down the gut of the Watford defense, nor went at their right-back. Our attack was screaming for him to be dynamic, he was the opposite.

1 Star: Fetal Position in the Bushes

This could also be an alleyway where the drunks pee, the side of the house next to the one you began the night at, or simply sitting perfectly upright on a couch, head tilted back, mouth gapingly open and snoring, in the middle of party. Don't be this guy or girl. You ruin an evening full of possibility. Or be it, so people can record the moment and the internet can make fun of you forever. Your call lush.

Nobody on Tottenham Hotspur was as bad as the realization that you spent your New Year's Eve passed out in the bushes.

Did Not Rate: Nacer Chadli