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Why Daniel Levy holds the keys to Emmanuel Adebayor's Premier League return

Ade isn't a Spurs player, but Daniel Levy still cuts him a weekly check, which means that any EPL suitors need to negotiate with him.

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Emmanuel Adebayor wants a Premier League return, but his £100,000 per week wages might be a stumbling block. The 31 year-old former Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham striker, who has not played a minute in the 2015-16 Premier League season, is being linked to Watford, Chelsea, and even West Ham United.

While not unprecedented, this situation is bizarre. Ade is currently the top wage earner for Spurs, yet the Togolese international has been dismissed from the club. To put this into perspective, let's look at the rumored wage increases of Dele Alli and Harry Kane. Alli's wages, thought to be £12k per week, looks to rise to £25k per week, while Harry Kane's new contract will supposedly increase his salary from £45k to £70k per week. [Editor's note: keep in mind, this latest contract rise was first reported by the Sun.] Adebayor currently pulls in more per week than both of those players...AFTER THEIR CURRENT WAGES HAVE BEEN DOUBLED!

This is insanity! But what might be crazier is any other club believing that they can procure Ade's services on the cheap. See, Adebayor isn't currently a Tottenham player, but Daniel Levy still sends him paychecks until either he signs with another club, or his original Tottenham contract expires. Thus the only way Adebayor pulls on the shirt of another team is if that club pays an acceptable share of Ade's wages, and the Tottenham chairman gives the deal the go-ahead.

Let's explore the potential destinations for Ade.

1. Watford

Certainly the club that could use Ade's services the most, here is what the Telegraph had to say about the rumors.

"Manager Quique Sanchez Flores is keen to sign Adebayor and boost his striking options, but it remains to be seen how much Watford would be prepared to pay of Adebayor's wages, or whether a deal can be struck with Levy over which club pays the higher percentage."

Other than being a fine servant to the club, Troy Deeney is having a strong campaign for the Hornets. Another striking option, Odion Ighalo, is third in the Premier League scoring table (tied with Harry Kane!) netting 8 goals thus far. Both of these players are having good seasons, but Adebayor, if fit, is a clear upgrade over them. If anything, he brings a different look to Watford's attack. He'd also join fellow Tottenham outcasts Etienne Capoue and Huerelho Gomes.

Money will clearly be the issue here. The idea of Adebayor joining Watford probably wouldn't particularly bother Daniel Levy, but he would demand a reasonable compensation for the player and a reasonable compensation for Daniel Levy is probably a faint-inducing figure for Watford. If the Hornets were willing to put Adebayor at the top of their wage bill, there is a possibility that this deal could go through.

2. Chelsea

The whole world saw Diego Costa throw that warm-up bib, thus the Blues might be in for a new striker. Further, Jose Mourinho already has a history with Adebayor. More from the Telegraph:

Negotiations with Levy could prove even more problematic for Chelsea, whose manager Jose Mourinho is a big fan of Adebayor who he had on loan at Real Madrid.

But Chelsea do not enjoy a good relationship with Spurs and Levy would almost certainly demand that the Blues took over Adebayor's wages in full for him to play out the season at Stamford Bridge.

While this seems like a more realistic option from the financial side of things, it seems significantly less plausible when one takes into account the current relationship between Spurs and Chelsea. Remember Willian? How about Luka Modriç? Poche trolling Jose!? This, combined with the fact that one would be an idiot to write Chelsea off as a competitor to Spurs for the top four this early, makes Levy working with Stamford Bridge even less likely.

The only way I can see this happening is if Chelsea bucks up the full £100,000/wk to Spurs. From Chelsea's end, this isn't a complete impossibility. Where this notion loses its steam though, is that it is December. We are less than 30 days away from the January transfer window, therefore Abramovich can go to the open market if he wants to back Mourinho with another striker. If Jose really likes Ade though, the £100,000/wk might be a cheaper stop-gap for the West London side.

3. West Ham

The East London club was mooted as a potential landing spot for the Togolese frontman, but then the Telegraph said this:

"West Ham may be forced into the January transfer market because Diafra Sakho is facing a long lay-off with a thigh injury, but do not have many options with no transfer funds available and no space for another domestic loan."


4. Other clubs

Bridges are already burnt with Tottenham, Arsenal, and Crystal Palace are already pretty darn good in their attack. Every other Premier League club isn't in London. And as we've already seen from Ade, God doesn't fancy not living in London. These deals are out of the question.

So what say you Commentariat, where do you think Adebayor will end up this season? Vote in the poll and leave your comments below!