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Watch: Eriksen vs. Davies in the Mini Crossbar Challenge

No midweek match for Spurs this week. While it's great for the squad's fitness levels it's poor on us supporter's entertainment levels. How about a fun little video to get your Spurs fix then? Spurs TV always does fun competitions between different Tottenham Hotspur players in many different and interesting games.

The Mini Crossbar Challenge is obviously a Crossbar Challenge, but with a twist. Instead of using real footballs, they're using futsal balls and goals. Also, instead of hitting their shots from a stationary position, the participants must roll the ball away from them and strike it on the move. Christian Eriksen and Ben Davies are the two competitors in this video. Hmm, a left back vs. a creative midfielder in a challenge for accuracy. I WONDER WHO WINS?

Sit back and enjoy this fun little game. Let us know if the comments how you think you would do personally if you were competing in something like this.