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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links December 30, 2015

You're the worst Wednesday

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!

Lost in the overwhelming positivity of the late winner the other day was the horror challenge from Nathan Ake. Before any of us gets too surprised at his actions, we would do well to remember he is on loan from Chelsea, and well, c'mon, a guy can only fight who he is for so long.

All joking aside we seem to have been on the end of some incredibly aggressive challenges this year. Whether that's because we have Eric Dier and Dele Alli antagonizing the league at large or because "Lads, it's Tottenham" is a thing of the past, it seems the boys have had to deal with a bad challenge or two on a more regular basis.

Or in Erik's case, a karate kick to the inner thigh.

The frequency of bad tackles and why it's happening may be another article for another day, however. What I want to know is who had the worst tackle you can remember this year, or in your viewing experience? When I think of bad tackles, I instantly think of our old Premier League buddy Nigel de Jong. He ruined Hatem Ben Arfa's world for a couple years, and if you haven't seen it, trust me it's awful and readily available on YouTube. I'm not linking it, though. And maybe nobody should show gifs or pictures of leg breakers directly. People can find them if they want to see.

I'll leave the subject open for discussion. So who you got?

And now for the "news":

Steven Gerrard thinks Spurs are title contenders| The Sport Review

That's nice. Now what does someone who knows something about winning a Premier League title have to say? Also, remember when Stevie G was legitimately good? Wow, does that seem a lifetime ago, but it really wasn't.

Jamie Redknapp thinks Toby is the best defender at the Lane since Ledley| Daily Mail

Can we all rewind to Toby not being good enough to play at Atletico Madrid and just tip our hats to them? We only got the last piece to our defensive puzzle because they are so flush with defensive talent that he was expendable. Think about that.

Who will win the league| BBC

Oh boy.

Sunderland win the race for Andros, allegedly| Sunderland Echo

I think the Andros game is as follows: whoever picks where he ends up, the day the deal goes down, and if it's permanent or not is the winner. Prize is 40 thousand pounds because apparently that ain't what it used to be.

Giannis needs only one dribble to dunk from half court| SB Nation Lookit

I'm only including this because of how easy it looks. That shouldn't be possible and he makes it look effortless.