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Wheeler Dealer Radio Podcast - Road Trip Pod

Heung for the Holidays

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The pod is on the road this week. Well most of us, at least. I am joined by podcast extraordinaire and the world's second biggest Tom Carroll fan, Ben Daniels, and the Evil Number Wizard with a heart three sizes too small, Michael Caley. We fought shaky internet connections and unfamiliar surroundings to look at Spurs' boxing day fixtures for the final podcast of 2015. Low energy, but high on holiday spirit. See how a last minute winner melts the hearts of our chain smoking cynic and our evil numbers wizard.

WE'RE ON ITUNES! CHECK US OUT! LEAVE A REVIEW! Or we'll rehire Tim Sherwood or something. Also you can listen to us on the app of your choice by using our XML feed. And if you can't figure out how to listen at this point, who are you? Harry Redknapp or Tim Sherwood or something? Go listen and enjoy. Or not. Whatever.