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Small club parks bus away to Spurs: Spurs vs. Chelsea, Community Player Ratings

Sorry for the delay, but nobody really wanted to relive that match, so.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

1. Toby Alderweireld - DC 8.2
Minutes played90
Toby has not only established himself as perhaps Tottenham Hotspur's best summer purchase, he may have even eclipsed Jan Vertonghen (for now) as Spurs' best central defender. In a match that  was mostly tedious boredom punctuated by moments of absolute chaos and insanity, Toby was the eye of the storm. He successfully negated the threats of Willian, Hazard, and Oscar and was a big reason why Spurs didn't concede.
2. Hugo Lloris - GK 7.9
Minutes played90

It's in matches like these when you have a dangerous opponent playing on the counter attack where you just KNOW they're going to get at least one dangerous attempt on goal, where you're so glad you have a world-class keeper between the sticks.

Hugo didn't exactly have a lot to do for large swaths of the match, but he had that one incredible reaction save on Eden Hazard that preserved the draw, and that's good enough to earn him the second highest rating in this match. With Hugo, he might give you a heart-attack at times, but he very, very rarely gives you any reason to doubt him or his abilities.

3. Mousa Dembele - MC 7.8
Minutes played90
Shots (On Target)1 (1)

Mousa was built for a highly physical match like this one. Stick him in the middle and he instantly makes the midfield more robust. It's been fun to finally watch his emergence as a marauding central mid and to see him shake off opposition midfielders like they are mere annoyances.

This wasn't as dominant a performance as we've seen from Mousa in past games, but the level of competition was also higher and he was still one of Spurs' best players on the day.

OTHERS: Walker (6.9), Vertonghen (7.5), Rose (6.4), Dier (7.0), Mason (6.0), Eriksen (7.0), Son (7.0), Kane (7.0)

SUBS: Clinton (6.1), Lamela (6.6)