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Are you a Tottenham Hotspur supporter in debt? There's a book for that...


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We all have our fair share of bills. Some us most likely have some kind of debt in our lives in some way or another. But don't fret! There's now a book to help out all Tottenham Hotspur supporters (yes, you specifically for some reason) with all you debt problems.

Introducing: The Best Ever Guide to Getting Out of Debt for Tottenham Hotspur Fans: Hundreds of Ways to Ditch Your Debt, Manage Your Money and Fix Your Finances (via

I don't even ... why is there a ... what?

I suppose it's always nice to have something like this to help you avoid getting into debt. But, this is still a bit random.

After some research on the World Wide Web, it appears as if this book has a complete series aimed at all sports teams (except for Portsmouth and Rangers fans), professions, age groups, even religions. So, uh, I guess if you're in need of help to avoid getting into debt go buy this book. Only if you're a Tottenham supporter, though...

(h/t - reddit user SoSpursy)