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Spurs linked to £32m defender Aymeric Laporte according to insane rumor that won't happen

Aymeric Laporte is a fantastic young defender, but this rumor is complete LOL.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Aymeric Laporte plays for Athletic Bilbao and is very, very good. So good, in fact, that he has a £32m release clause in his contract. He's a 20-year old French national that is on the upward curve of his career and who's going to be good enough to play for the very biggest of clubs like Madrid, Chelsea, United, or Bayern Munich. Manchester United are reportedly considering ponying up the dough to buy him this summer. Which is why the most recent rumor linking Tottenham Hotspur with Laporte is incredibly, INCREDIBLY #batcountry.

Let's unpack this a bit:

  1. This is the Daily Star, reporting on a rumor that was first put forth by the Sun. I'd link to the original article, but it's behind a paywall. Because it's the Sun.

  2. Tottenham certainly could use another outstanding central defender, and Laporte fits the bill. That said, Athletic is a pretty decent club in its own right, and there's no reason why Laporte would want to come to Spurs when he could play for United, even though United is going through a rough patch.

  3. Athletic has no reason to sell for less than the £32m release clause, and if Tottenham is ever going to spend that much money for a player after Erik Lamela, it's very unlikely that said player will be a central defender. If you're drenched in oil money or are Bayern Munich, you can spend that kind of cheddar on a CB. Spurs aren't that team.

  4. Did I mention this is the Daily Star?

In summary, I'd love to have Aymeric Laporte on Tottenham Hotspur and will happily eat my words if I'm wrong but LOLOLOLOLOLO I'm not wrong.