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Milos Veljkovic injured while on loan at Charlton Athletic

Tottenham academy product Milos Veljkovic's season is now in doubt as he suffered a shoulder injury while on loan at Charlton.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Milos Veljkovic is having a rough go of things this year. He began the season on loan at Middlesbrough, but hardly got a game. He returned to Tottenham Hotspur in January and was promptly sent back to the Championship, this time to Charlton Athletic. Since moving to the Valley, Milos has started three matches, all in center midfield in a 4-4-2 formation. Now, however, he has injured his shoulder in a fall and could be out for a while.

Charlton and their physio Erol Umut released this statement on the club's website:

"Milos dislocated his shoulder in the first half at Middlesbrough. It took a bit of time on the pitch because I needed to make sure he didn’t do any more damage and get him off the field safely," said Umut.

"After being treated in the emergency room with some gas and air we managed to get his shoulder put back in place.  At the moment he is undergoing observations and tests before he sees a shoulder specialist to determine the extent of the damage."

"That will tell us whether we need to treat him conservatively or if he needs an operation. We should know by the middle of this week what the outcome is."

"He is our player until the end of the season I will have a conversation with my colleagues at Tottenham about the best place for Milos to have his treatment," he said.

"But if he has an operation then him playing again this season might be a bit of a long shot. "However, best case scenario, he could be back in a couple of weeks depending on how quickly we can work with him to stabilise the muscles."

First of all, what a chatty physio that guy is. Can you imagine if Tottenham's physio said anything about injuries? Not even something this detailed and interesting, just anything at all. A simple acknowledgment that a player either is or is not injured would be verbose for one of our physios. That aside, this could be bad for Milos. It looked like Charlton were really going to give the Serbian U21 international a good run of matches to show what he can do in the center of the park.

Hopefully, for all parties concerned, the injury is not as bad as feared and Milos can be back in the center of Charlton's midfield by the end of the month.