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Writers Prediction League: Tottenham Hotspur at Liverpool

The writers at Cartilage Free Captain predict the result for Tottenham Hotspur's match at Liverpool.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

North London is ours! Just three days ago Tottenham Hotspur hosted a massive North London Derby, with 4th place positioning and rivalry bragging rights on the line. A Harry Kane brace, plus star performances by Mousa Dembele, Christian Eriksen, and Nabil Bentaleb helped Spurs come back to win 2-1, launching the club above Arsenal and into 5th place, just one point out of 4th. But after that emotional derby win a new challenge beckons, with a quick turnaround to travel north and face Liverpool.

Liverpool enter the match in 7th place, four points behind Spurs. Liverpool are coming off their own emotional derby match though, as the Reds drew Everton 0-0 on Saturday. Star attacker Raheem Sterling took a knock in that match and is now a doubt to feature today. The recently returned Daniel Sturridge will look to take up some of Sterling's attacking responsibility, and look for Steven Gerrard to possibly take on even more responsibility in what could very well be his last match against Spurs. Can Tottenham keep their winning ways going in a tough road match?

As for the Prediction League, Ben dropped another perfect prediction last week, growing his lead. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League -- one point for a correct prediction and a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Ben Daniels 21
Ryan 18
Michael Caley 17
Dominic Wood 16
Brett Rainbow 14
Kevin 14
Mechanick 12
Salmon Chase 11
Bryan A. 10
Dustin Gerber Martin 9
Skipjack 7

This week's predictions:

Dustin Gerber Martin: I refuse to be pessimistic. We’re on a roll and I expect it’ll stay that way. 2-1 Spurs.

Kevin: Liverpool sucks, 3-0 Spurs

Mechanick: Spurs shut down a listless Livahpooh attack while Kane steals this one late. 1-0 Spurs

Ryan: Dixie Chicks serious! 2-1 Spurs.

Bryan A.: Michael said that if we beat Arsenal, Liverpool, and West Ham then we have a 200% chance of finishing in the top 4...or something like that. This is setting up to lead to a crush defeat to the Hammers. 3-0 Spurs.

Salmon Chase: The day before we played arsenal I basically ruined my MCL and I had sewage rain down from my apartment's ceiling. The next day we won. Well today my car died but that's the only bad stuff so I'll call it a 1-1 Draw.

Ben Daniels: Oh look, Daniel Sturridge wakes up from his 6 month coma just in time to play Spurs against. Doesn't matter. Kane > Studge. 2-1 Spurs.

Dominic Wood: 2-1 Spurs. How much longer until we get a real winner like Dustin Pedroia at Liverpool?

Michael Caley: Liverpool 2-1. Liverpool have been playing well since December, we've been playing well since, uh, Saturday.

Skipjack: Liverpool 2 - 1 Spurs. Why would good things happen twice?.

Brett Rainbow: Recency bias! 2-0 Spurs.